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3 Easy Steps to Giving Back


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You select which cause to support in our growing list of nonprofits and schools needing your support. Don't see yours?   Recommend a Cause so we can add them to the list.


Save & Give

With GiveBack360's
Guaranteed Lowest-Price Offers
you can save money on your next purchase while a donation is directed to your favorite cause.

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Give to the causes you care about
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Nonprofits & Schools - Supercharge Your Fundraising!

3 Easy Steps to Register and Start Fundraising


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Watch Your
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and Fundraising Grow!

With integrated social media tools
and SEO it's a breeze!
There's no other way to
raise money this easily!

Since our mission is to Create More Giving than any Company in America, Ever!, nonprofits and schools are the core of the GiveBack360 network. We're not here to change what you're doing. Instead, we'll show you how to automate your fundraising so that you can stay focused on your mission and do more good.

With our 60-Second Fundraiser, you can launch a campaign in a minute and broadcast it across your social media networks. Additionally, you can track of all your supporters, their contributions, and keep them up to date on all your current fundraising goals. GiveBack360 provides numerous fundraising options. Need a place to start? Nonprofits can simply promote an existing merchant offer that gives back. Groups can customize membership cards to generate 90% profit and deliver value to every supporter. When supporters purchase Save & Give offers the donation amount is listed on every purchase. Your donations automatically track to you every time!

Additional system features allow you to gain more support through your local business partners that post exclusive Save & Give offers to benefit your organization. The more you engage your support community with the GiveBack360 platform the more funds you will generate. The unlimited opportunities that GiveBack360 creates for your organization’s fundraising is significant, adaptable, robust and continuous!

What does this amazing state-of-the-art platform cost? It’s 100% FREE!

Merchants - Promote Your Business for Free!

3 Easy Steps to Become a GiveBack360 Merchant


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Easily Redeem
Customer Vouchers

With both printable or
mobile vouchers
tracking your promotions
has never been easier.

Looking for a new way to promote your business? For Free?

Does your business promote a philanthropic spirit?

Are you interested in creating a closer connection with your customers and community?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we invite you to become a valued GiveBack360 merchant!

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GiveBack360 has designed a platform that manages your cause-based marketing. Take your corporate citizenship to another level by reaching thousands of individuals who value the opportunity of saving money while giving back to their favorite causes AND supporting businesses that care! We can help your business thrive by expanding your network and providing you with business marketing solutions and the best part?
It’s FREE!

Merchants in the GiveBack360 Community are able to promote their business, partner with nonprofits, attract thousands of loyal customers, and receive credit for the tax benefits associated with offers purchased. Read the details of how we allocate funds, give rewards and more.   Learn More