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You know what works, let's enhance it

  • by engaging new supporters
  • adding value for existing supporters
  • providing tools so everyone becomes a fundraiser for you!

We provide you a complete world of fundraising!

Tap into existing Community Deals to start raising new revenue in the next 10 minutes!
Set up Exclusive Deals for your supporters with any Local or National merchant partner!

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30 Million USA Businesses

Let's ask all of them to post offers supporting charities!

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Ask not what your donors can give to you, Ask what you can give to your donors

Give donors free stuff, savings, and deals using a customized system that you control.
Let's start building your fundraising machine!

Launch any solution in the matrix and watch your new revenue streams flow from all our community fundraisers!

The key to your success with GiveBack360

Launch One Thing Earn Extra Revenue Grow With Us

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Charity Benefits

Connected to people who care

Givvrr community

Charities benefit from a network powered by a community of Givvrrs who are empowered to shop for deals while supporting their favorite cause. Now you spend more time focused on your mission not fundraising!

Charity as value

We put charity at the center of the user experience and instantly customize every offer with your logo. This will increase member value making it easier to retain supporters and attract new ones!

New Revenues

Multiple revenue streams are built into the online community of merchant offers. Tickets, deals, coupons, gift cards; everything on the network automatically drives new funds to you!

Viral Giving

Powerful social media tools make it easy to promote deals that Save & Give. Merchants, charities and supporters all post and share to create viral giving to your cause!

Giveback360 is ready to help you grow!

GiveBack360 was designed to become a perpetual fundraising machine. It takes the things you do today, adds new and innovative ways to keep people connected and constantly builds new modules to produce an automatic and continuous revenue stream.

We incorporated tools of engagement so that every campaign is designed with built in social media potential that helps expand your reach or improves your chance to take your message viral!

Our fundraising cloud approach provides the most comprehensive set of options on the planet. When you start, keep it simple. Start with something you're already doing today! Then think of new campaigns to promote and add the next thing, and the next.

As you grow your community of support the goal is to generate a stream of revenue that becomes self-sustaining. This will give your organization more time to focus on your mission and spend less time worrying about fundraising!

The most important thing is to just get started with what you know. Find the things you are already doing and then implement it using GiveBack360 to enhance your results. Every new partnership, program or product will deliver a new revenue stream and contribute to your mission helping you reach your funding goals now and in the future!

Remember, we're here to support you and ready to help you at any point along the way!
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