Our Vision

A world with an unwavering commitment to extraordinary charitable giving!

Our founder describes how easy it is to raise funds using save & give

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Our Mission

To create a social giving network of people, nonprofits and businesses who will

change the world in ways that are sustainable, high impact and profitable.

Our Founding Principles

Member = #Savvrr = #Givvrr
We provide everyone an opportunity to Save & Give every day supporting schools and charities they care about to help those organizations Do More Good!

We are passionate about helping people impact the world in ways that matter to them and we are determined to lead the revolution that allows you to direct the giving!

Schools & Nonprofits

We are leading the way with new applications that integrate social media connections with digitally efficient solutions so that your traditional fundraising programs automatically produce extraordinary results!

We created digital innovation that transforms today's funding solutions for schools and social causes of all types into new streams of revenue for good!

Merchants & Corporations

We placed philanthropy at the forefront of a new and innovative e-commerce model that redistributes advertising dollars to charitable causes and makes charitable giving profitable to your company!

We re-engineered the disruptive forces of technology to create a new ecosystem - an e-commerce community where shopping, saving and sharing is dedicated to funding more good.

Welcome to GiveBack360!

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Welcome to GiveBack360!

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