About GiveBack360

If you're like most people, you often want to help a cause but are sometimes reluctant because you might not be able to afford it or you don't know that your money is going where it is needed most. We created GiveBack360 because we believe that philanthropy and charity can be a part of everyday life. You say, "But, isn't that why we pay taxes?". Yes, but I'm sure you're in some ways unhappy about how Uncle Sam spends your money. That's what GiveBack360 is all about. We have created a truly unique online community that connects non-profit organizations, merchants and caring individuals like you that want to…

  1. Raise badly-needed funds for charities, schools and good causes
  2. Support local businesses that want to support your community and good causes
  3. Save money while supporting causes, schools and local merchants

Now, supporting your favorite cause is good for you and good for business.

We wanted to be sure our name reflects our vision. Giving something back to everyone is built into every aspect of what we do. That spirit of everyday giving drove us to design an online community where everyone benefits. We think it reflects who we are.

Currently, GiveBack360 is accepting applications from merchants, businesses, non-profits and schools of all sizes. The application process for both merchants and nonprofits takes just a few minutes and is absolutely FREE. We don't require any payment information.   [Online Non-Profit Application  |  Online Merchant Application]  There are restrictions on a some lines of business and we expect non-profit and school organizations to have current and valid 501(c)3 EIN. If you have any questions, please  contact us.

Non-profit organizations, including schools, along with merchants sign up with GiveBack360. Non-profits can easily create fundraising campaigns to raise money for critical initiatives. Merchants and business create product and service offers that either directly or indirectly support these campaigns by allocating a tax-deductable portion of the sale of each offer to charity. The final part of the equation are cause-minded people interested in supporting both charities they care about and merchants that care about their community through giving back. Information on donations

Why it Works

We all feel good helping worthy causes but pulling money out of your wallet is most often hard to do. What if there was a way that you could put money in your wallet and give at the same time? Now you can with GiveBack360. After becoming a GiveBack360 member you're able to purchase money-saving offers from participating merchants on GiveBack360 and immediately direct the charity proceeds to YOUR cause. Becoming a GiveBack360 member starts by directly supporting a cause you care about through the purchase of a $50 annual membership card for that charity, or by going online to GiveBack360.com and purchasing a charity membership card. Now, as a registered member you’ll be giving to your favorite cause while getting fantastic value through offers from local and national merchants.

We know that supporting your community is also great business. GiveBack360 is an easy-to-use and FREE platform to advertise offers to members of the community that really care. Not just about their cause, but about you as a merchant in the community. We all know that a strong local business community is the backbone of a thriving local economy.

We all know that supporting your community. is great business. We created an easy-to-use and FREE program to advertise offers to members of the community that really care. Not just about their cause, but about you as a merchant in the community. We all know that a strong local business community is the backbone of our economy.

Yes, we are. Sir Richard Branson likes the idea of “conscious capitalism” and believes that often businesses can do more for the world when they’re building social good into their business model. We took this concept to heart and built a product and service that empowers businesses to thrive while doing good for their communities. Our sincere intent is to cover the cost of expanding and improving GiveBack360 so more communities can benefit.

Ultimately, merchants control the amount of the donation. Our minimum merchant contribution is 15% of each offer sale. We give the merchant the option to donate 100% of the sale, if they like. There are three (3) ways the merchant can direct the funds:

  1. All (100%) of the charitable proceeds go to the purchasing member’s cause. Everyone benefits.
  2. Split (50/50) funds are divided evenly between the member’s cause and a cause chosen by the merchant (in many cases this can be the same cause resulting in 100% directed to the cause).
  3. Exclusive fundraising is where 100% of fundraising proceeds are directed to a single charity/cause and are only available to the people that hold memberships to the cause. This is great for fundraising events for supporters of your charity.
Getting Started

Any registered U.S. non-profit organization registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization is eligible to apply for GiveBack360 account. You will be asked to provide an EIN on the short application form. If you are located outside the U.S., are unsure about your non-profit status or have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you. We most likely have a solution that helps you with your fundraising needs.

It's FREE. Joining the GiveBack360 community and creating fundraising campaigns is absolutely FREE. There are no setup costs, monthly or annual fees. Don't mistake "FREE" for. Your GiveBack360 non-profit administrator account comes with the ability to create your own fundraising campaigns, real-time campaign analytics and social media communication tools to help you manage and promote your campaigns. Plus much more! We continually innovate to deliver tools and techniques for creating, monitoring and achieving phenomenal fundraising results!

Simply fill out the online application. Have your organization's EIN handy and provide an email address and phone number so that we can contact you, if we have any questions. You can also contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. We strive to have your account ready within 48 hours, so it's important that you provide accurate contact information.

Virtually any business can join. Even businesses with more than one location can manage everything from one account. You have the control! Please note that GiveBack360 reserves the right to deny or immediately terminate a merchant or business that conducts itself in an unethical manner or is involved in illegal activities. Please read our Merchant Terms & Conditions for more details. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Currently, merchant accounts with GiveBack360 are absolutely FREE! There are no setup costs, monthly or annual fees. We work with you to create offers that support fundraising campaigns. We simply retain a proportional amount of the credit/debit card processing fee. We do this to ensure that we keep our services free; helping you to maximize your charitable and promotional efforts.

GiveBack360 is the first and only platform that creates an opportunity for merchants and businesses to attract loyal customers by promoting offers that directly support causes that everyone cares about. You, the merchant, control everything! Through our self-service portal you create offers independently or directly with non-profit organizations and schools. With tools and real-time information to manage your offers, a quick and secure way to redeem vouchers either online or instantly with our free mobile-ready app and prompt payment for redeemed vouchers, why would you use any other platform? And don't forget, our Service ReimaginedTM customer support staff is always ready to help!

Customers have guaranteed best deals! Merchants get the best revenue returns. AND, schools and charities win! It all goes around "360"! GiveBack360!

Simply fill out our online application here. Once you sign up, we’ll review your application manually we will inform you of its status via e-mail. Please allow 2 to 5 business days to receive a response from us. If you don’t hear from us within a week, please Contact us.

Anyone can join!

Your name, address, phone number and other commonly requested information. You are not required to provide credit card or financial information to enroll.

You can try GiveBack360 free for 60 days (for your free trial click here) and browse and purchase any offer to support your cause. After that, a one-year membership costs $50 ($25 goes directly to your charity).

Simply fill out our online application. It’s fast and easy.

This depends on how you sign up to become a member. If you purchased a physical GiveBack360 fundraising card from a registered non-profit organization, you’ll be automatically affiliated with them when you register the annual membership card online. If you signed up online through the 60-day free trial, you’ll have an option to affiliate with any non-profit you choose either during the sign up process or inside your account. You can purchase as many membership cards as the charities you want to support.

General Questions

Almost. We are rigorous at maintaining quality and integrity in everything we do. That means that we review and most often approve a request (usually within 48 hours) or require additional information in anticipation of an approval. Your organization will be required to submit a graphic-ready logo as part of your GiveBack360 profile and included in our list of approved non-profits. If your request is denied, you will be in an email as to the reason(s) your request was denied. If you feel your request was wrongfully denied, we're always eager to discuss it. If you think you're ready to grow your fundraising in a new and innovative way, then Apply Now.

There’s no limit as to how much money can be raised through GiveBack360. We encourage you to partner and affiliate with as many merchants as possible and promote their offers to members of your community - members who want to save money on things they already buy.

You don’t have to, but then you would be missing out on an opportunity to raise an additional 50%..  In order to raise more money, your non-profit should be affiliated with one or more merchants. Why? Only ½ the funds raised for charity goes to the member’s affiliated charity, while the other ½ goes to the charity affiliated with merchant that posted the offer. To affiliate with any business simply approach one you know and ask them to join GiveBack360 by completing an very short online application (don’t forget to give them your non-profit’s GiveBack360 account number) so that you can raise 50% more funds from GiveBack360. Not the merchant!  Please make sure to share your GiveBack360 non-profit account number with merchants so their business can be affiliated with your organization. We also provide partner forms available in your dashboard to print and leave with potential new merchants. Not a GiveBack360 non-profit yet? Apply here

Yes, you can choose to affiliate with as many businesses as you like. The more businesses that you approach and affiliate with, the greater your opportunity to fundraise. A wider selection of offers from more businesses funderates more selection for members and every purchase contributes to your fundraiser.

Donations are automatically paid to non-profits once a month as long as the minimum amount of $250 USD has been raised in your account. If your organization wants to receive the money faster they can request a check at any time, but a $25 processing fee applies. Contact us for details.

You don’t have to do anything! Every month we automatically send a check via USPS, without a fee, as long as your account balance exceeds $250. If your account hasn’t reached $250, the money will remain in your account and will be paid in the month it reaches or exceeds $250. You can request a check for amounts under $250 for a processing fee of $25. Accounts with a balance of less than $25.01 will not receive a disbursement.

Merchants post free online offers for products and services. When a member buys an offer a portion of the purchase price is donated to school or non-profit organization that YOU choose and a portion goes to the purchaser’s fundraiser, too.

To help generate as much fundraising as possible from each offer, we’ve designed a special type of offer called an “Exclusive Offer” in which a business can partner up with a single non-profit organization and choose to run an exclusive offer that will only be available to the members affiliated with that specific non-profit. Learn more about how this works.

Just about any business can join GiveBack360 to help support fundraisers. We do exclude businesses in the following industries: arms and weapons, alcoholic beverages, pornography or sexually related products or services and we reserve the right to exclude any business. More information is available under the Merchant Terms and Conditions.

Yes, a business can choose to affiliate with any non-profit organization. This way, the business can choose which non-profit they support for 1/2 of the fundraising portion of their sales. If the non-profit the business wants to support is already a part of GiveBack360, the business can easily choose to affiliate a campaign offer with the non-profit through their online account. Otherwise, the business must approach the non-profit organization and ask them to join GiveBack360 so that we have the contact information on file to credit the funds raised.

Contact someone at the non-profit of your choice, ask them to apply to GiveBack360.com online (Non-profit application found here), or fill out this form and we’ll automatically send them an email with instructions on how to join us as a non-profit partner.

Yes, it’s possible for you to affiliate with one or more organizations. Each of the campaign offers you post online is affiliated with a single organization of your choice, but you can choose to post multiple offers and each offer can support a different organization of your choice.

GiveBack360 has set up the GiveBack360 Foundation as a default non-profit organization for any unattached funds intended for charity. This Foundation has a specific purpose: to ensure that 100% of charitable funds generated by the GiveBack360 program reach a qualified non-profit organization. When we designed our business model around giving 50% of gross profits derived from campaign offers to charity, we meant it. To insure this happens 100% of the time we set up the GiveBack360 Foundation. You can learn more about the Foundation on our website: GiveBack360.org.

GiveBack360 merchants are required to pledge a GiveBack360 Low Price Guarantee on all online offers. So why would anyone buy offers anywhere else, if they know they're buying them with a guaranteed lowest price while supporting their favorite cause?

Once you’re register and become a GiveBack360 member (more info here), you’ll have access to a variety of online offers featuring discounted products and services offered by local or national businesses. To help raise money for the organization you support, simply purchase offers of interest. Every offer you purchase will contribute to your non-profit. The online system clearly identifies which organization you support and how much money will be donated through each offer sold.

Yes. Well, we hope we can. Ask them to sign up (Here’s the online application), or fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with them and provide instructions on how to join. In order for us to do our magic, we need to have legally recognized charities with valid GiveBack360 accounts. Once we have them open an account, off they go! We provide the platform and the tools to supercharge fundraising. There are no fees to get things started and lots of funds to be raised. If you have a suggestion for a national non-profit that we should consider, please let us know. Better yet, let them know who we are!

Each person will have a running total of giving tracked within their account. We will divide the tracking into the various categories where you contribute to help charities. When you buy deals, we track those charity rewards, when you tell a merchant to join in, we track all the deals sold and credit you, when you add a friend as a member, we track that too! Each person will have a 360 account showing their charitable giving and where it's going.

It’s easy, simply help spread the word about GiveBack360 and share with your friends and family the offers you’ve found online. This way, everyone can benefit from the offers by saving money while helping raise funds for an organization. The more offers sold, the more money that will be raised! We’ve integrated social sharing buttons throughout our program.

Everything related to your online account appears in your dashboard. This includes offers purchased, donations generated, organizations you’re supporting, etc. To access your account, simply login here.

Our fee-based membership is integrated into our program to help non-profits raise even more money. In fact, 50% to 90% of all membership fees are donated to non-profit organizations! Best of all, until you save the full cost of membership ($50) through purchases, you will not be asked to pay the fee again..

Yes, we see that there may be time and effort spent to help an organization and we fully appreciate that effort. It’s an important component to GiveBack360. Once you have shown that you can add 5 members and 5 merchants in a month, we reward you directly. You probably thought altruistic rewards were going to be enough, but now we will add direct credit to your GiveBack360 account. Use these credits to buy deals in your personal account! How much credit? Check back, the details are coming soon. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

About Offers

Yes, any registered GiveBack360 member can join and purchase offers which will raise funds for a non-profit organization. Learn how to join

When browsing online offers we automatically filter offers to show only those offers which support one or more of the non-profit organizations you’ve affiliated with.

This depends on the type of offer you’re reviewing. Regular offers always support two non-profit organizations (splitting the donation amount equally), while Exclusive Offers only support a single non-profit organization and all donations only benefit them. You will only see and be able to purchase Exclusive Offers from non-profit organizations you support.

GiveBack360 was designed to allow every participant in our program to direct their giving. For this reason, a regular offer features and supports two different non-profits. One of them is the organization that the merchant has chosen to support and the other one is the organization that you, as a member, have chosen to support. The donation amount of each offer is split equally between the two organizations. Sometimes, they may be the same organization in which case the full amount slated for donation goes to the same charity.

There are two general types of offers that raise funds, hence "fundraising offers".

  1. regular
  2. exclusive

Regular offers generally support one nonprofit. The card member's organization or a combination of the card member's and the merchant's non-profit organization. Exclusive offers are setup between a business and a non-profit and are only available to members affiliated with the organization.

GiveBack360 can support all types of products and services, including offers from restaurants, spas, sports clubs, outdoor activities, classes, events, goods and ticket sales.

Yes, you can purchase as many offers as you want. The more you purchase, the more you'll raise for the organization you support

You can use any major credit or debit card from MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

Yes, you can “Favorite” an offer by clicking on the star shown on each offer. The star will turn yellow once you’ve clicked on it. You can then click on “See Favorites” at the top of the page to only see the offers you’ve bookmarked.

You can either print your voucher or redeem it directly off your smart phone.

Yes, most offers do have an expiration date. Therefore, please be sure that you use your offer before the expiration date.

Yes, all offers have a “fine print” section. Please review all offer details BEFORE your purchase so that your expectations can be met by the merchants. Since the merchant took the time to spell out the details of their offer, it is critical that you understand the offer fully when you buy.

Yes, you can exchange your paid offers for other offers. If you choose to exchange an offer your account will be credited with the money you’ve already spent which you can then use to purchase other offers of an equal or lesser value. Review our Refund Policy here.

Yes, you can request a full refund on a purchase which will result in a debit to the non-profit. You can also choose a partial refund (70%) and maintain the donated portion of the offer. To request a refund, visit your online account and use the tools available there. Please Review our Refund Policy here.

Yes...you can post offers, non-profit campaigns, the latest merchant find, anything of interest to your Facebook page. Actually we would love that. After you make a purchase it would be great to contribute to building the local community by telling others how to Save and Give. Telling others about GiveBack360 will help us grow the network for everyone! So go ahead and use the option to post your contribution to Twitter or Facebook. We hope that your followers are motivated to take action and support a non-profit by joining GiveBack360.

In the near future, we're rolling out a program that credits everyone for sharing and giving. Think of it like a mileage rewards program with a special type of redemption credit expanding the world of giving and realizing the vision of GiveBack360. Stayed tuned for more info.