Refund Policy

Except as explicitly stated otherwise in the terms of a specific deal, if you change your mind about purchasing a deal, write us (click here for contact information) within seven (7) days of your purchase and GiveBack360 will refund the paid amount of any unredeemed Voucher to your credit/debit card or other payment mechanism. In addition, GiveBack360 will always honor your request for a refund of the paid amount of any unredeemed Voucher if the merchant has gone out of business before the promotional period expires.

GiveBack360 strives for you to be happy with every purchase. If you have trouble redeeming a Voucher for any reason, please contact us so we can contact the Merchant and resolve the issue. (Click here for contact information)

While we strive for 100% satisfaction for all members on every deal, we remind you that a portion of every purchase goes to your designated charity. Any full refund from Giveback360 results in a debit to the charitable account as well. We specifically follow these steps in the following order in an effort to provide 100% satisfaction on purchases:

  1. Our merchants honor all deals and vouchers.
  2. A member can apply the cash value paid for one voucher to another voucher OR can donate the amount to their favorite nonprofit or school.
  3. A member can request the cash value paid for a deal less 25% so that the original charitable donation remains intact.
  4. A member can requests a full refund.

GiveBack360 wants you to be satisfied with every purchase. If you have trouble redeeming a Voucher or are not satisfied with the transaction for any reason, contact us, so we can resolve the issue and make it right as quickly as possible. Thank you.

The GiveBack360 Team