Buy Black & Give Back!

Afroz Urban Egg Rolls


I am proud to offer these Gift Cards which allow you to support a black owned business while also supporting your favorite nonprofit charity!

Buy today and use them anytime!

Thank you for supporting the BLM movement now and always.

Contact me when you are ready to place your order:

Will Claybrooks




Gift Cards may not be used in conjunction with other offers, coupons or specials.

Gift Cards may be used as your deposit, for full payment, and may also be applied for a tip on any order!

48 hours advance orders are required.

You will receive 2 $50 Value gift cards and you must use the entire value of each gift card in a single purchase. That is,

  • You can use one per order of $50 or more 
  • Or, use both on a single order of $100 or more

Yes, you may purchase these and give then to others as a gift!  You have the option to print gift certificates for use by others.

Afroz Urban Egg Rolls
S. Beverly Drive
CA, Beverly Hills 90272 | get directions

Donates $15.00

Topanga Elementary Charter School Topanga Elementary Charter School