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Limited edition of 25, signed and numbered prints.
Color pigment on fine art archival paper.

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Created by notable Los Angeles artist/photographer Nancy Harasz. "Hollywood Sign Love Letters" is a photographic series which artfully reimagines the 45 foot tall "L" and "O" of the Hollywood sign to create the word LOVE


There's nothing more iconic about Hollywood than the Hollywood sign.

As the sign is heavily surveilled to guard against vandalism, the photos of these letters were taken in a rare opportunity to shoot the sign up close, capturing each letter with all of it's raw detail. Known for her L.A. centric themes, this is a piece that puts the Hollywood sign in a new light. In this series, a Banksy inspired, stenciled style figure is painting the iconic “Angel Wings” of Los Angeles, spray painting a heart or leaving a spray of paint on the "L".


24×30 = $1,100 Signed and numbered.

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