One Hand to Another Charity Club Back

One Hand to Another is a high school student-run charity organization at Palisades Charter High School. Our mission is to provide clothes, sports equipment, toiletries, school supplies, and other necessities to those living in Latin American slums. Last semester, we sent over 500 pounds of donations to a town in Guatemala called Shanshul. Our next project will be focused on El Salvador. This time, in addition to our regular collections from the community, we will be partnering with another non-profit, Fusalmo, in order to maximize the number of lives we impact. We also work with a Pali affiliate named Pali Care for more local projects, such as assisting victims of human trafficking rescued in early 2017. All support for One Hand to Another is greatly appreciated; truly anything helps.

One Hand to Another Charity Club


15777 Bowdoin St,
Los Angeles, California, 90272

Supported Causes

  • Latin American slums
  • Victims of human trafficking in LA