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Nonprofit Consultant

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Nonprofit Consulting


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Position Description

Independent GB360 Consultant


Become an independent representative of the GB360 Consulting Group!


Anyone can become an expert and provide a full-service fundraising solution to:

Schools  *  Churches   *   Nonprofits.


Help to elevate charitable organizations’ connection with their base of support, increase their use of social profiles and help raise awareness and financial revenue to support their good works.


We replace old, outdated approaches to fundraising by:

providing the tools, partnerships and support needed to successful launch and complete professional fundraising campaigns as often as needed to meet the financial needs of any nonprofit organization! 

We tapped into fundraising experts to design and develop new and exciting local, national and regional programs to support non-profit organizations and connecting them with socially responsible businesses as their solutions partner.

What makes this opportunity unique is our ability to position you to:

  • Be viewed as a subject matter expert
  • instantly develop relationships by providing significant value to your clients
  • implement solutions using state of the art technology
  • blending the old tried and true programs with a new modern approach

We recognize that digital innovation has transformed today’s funding solutions for schools, nonprofits and social causes.  We are leading the way in utilizing social media marketing along with our premiere turnkey digital funding solution center to complement and enhance the traditional strategies used by organizations to fundraise.

We are passionate about helping people make the world a better place, and we believe in the evolution of giving.  If you are also passionate about making a difference, then join us today!

We deliver expert solutions so that consultants will provide:

  • digital and mobile fundraising
  • social media outreach and integration
  • local business engagement through cause marketing
  • creative solutions that instantly allow all companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibility


Work with us to offer unique and extensive solutions, expertise, and powerful relationships that can only be delivered via the world’s only dedicated cause marketing community platform.


Our GB360 Consultants harness the power of 21st Century technology along with traditional communication strategies to more efficiently and transparently provide financial support for all schools, nonprofits and social causes.  In our world everyone will benefit, prosper, earn and grow in a thriving community of giving!


Join us today and we’ll show you the way!

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