Back Posture Support after surgery for Breast Cancer, Rotator Cuff, & more!


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Why the amazing Bax-U Posture Corrector is for YOU!

  • DESIGNED by Doctor of Chiropractic to reduce kyphosis, slouching and forward head carriage and Retrain your body for better posture, 2014 Innovative HME Retail Product Award Winner
  • REIMBURSABLE through many insurance providers with recommendation from your doctor
  • SIMPLE a support that is not a medieval trap, An upper back brace that is easy to put on and take off, No pinching or chaffing like other cheap shoulder supports and posture braces
  • SUBTLE a thin comfortable discreet posture support for under clothing, No one has to know, The secret to look taller, thinner and feel better and more confident in minutes
  • ADAPTABLE no matter what your activity – golfing, bowling, working out, running, driving, gardening, sitting at a desk or texting, BAX-U is there to support your posture because it “Backs-YOU


What makes BAX-U Posture Support different?

It’s the immediate change in body position, freedom of shoulder movement & adjustable shoulder retraction.

It took two years to create a unique and attractive design that’s both comfortable & effective!

Most other products that I used to prescribe to patients in the past, were big, bulky, ugly, cheap and not overly effective. Even worse, all these products compressed delicate arteries and nerves under the patients armpit called brachioplexus. Any compression to the brachioplexus can cause symptoms of TOS, arm-hand-finger weakness and numbness. As well as neck pain, headaches and even TMJ.

Your shoulders must be free without compression.

Unlike other products, BAX-U posture support helps with shoulder retraction without compressing the delicate arteries and nerves. When worn correctly & actively 2 to 6 hours per day for 12 to 24 weeks, over this time you will retrain your nervous system to stand more up right without thinking about it! In clinic this change is called neuro-muscular rehabilitation aka effective change.

We are all slouching when we are texting, driving, using computers and even watching TV. ALL these can cause rounding of shoulders. Remember mom slapping you in the back telling you to strand up straight?

Since we all have different body types & life styles, BAX-U Posture Support’s ability to be adjustable, allows you to be in charge of how much you want your posture to be upright! This is why BAX-u is designed to be adjustable to your body and your lifestyle.

For best results: retract shoulders 20-30% over 12-24 weeks. BAX-U the first in our line of scientific posture products designed to to help people stand taller, live healthier and be happier.


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