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AP Music Theory

Students develop oral and written music skills. They learn how to sing, hear, notate, and identify music in a variety of forms. The year long class consists of four major seven week units. Each unit builds musical concepts starting with the fundamentals of western music; progressing to interval training; harmonic analysis; and harmonization & composition.

Chamber Orchestra

Students in this ensemble learn string technique in an intimate setting focusing on basic skills including right/left hand set up, tone production, note reading, rhythm and independence in part preparation. Students perform in the Harvest Concert, Holiday Concert and Final Concert. This ensemble is open to 9-12th graders; prior experience is helpful.

Choral/Vocal Program

The Palisades Charter High School Choral Program welcomes singers of all levels and backgrounds. All Pali Choirs prepareand perform vocal and choral music from a wide variety of musical styles, genres, time periods, and cultures. At a Pali Choir concert, you may hear a Beatles song, a South African freedom song, and a Renaissance Madrigal. All Choirs study the voice; vocal production, vocal health, breathing, technique and vocal expression. Pali choirs also study music theory and sight-reading as it applies to choral music and performance. Students will grow as performers through various concerts throughout the school year. Students will also grow together as community and form friendships that can last a lifetime.

AM Choir (Period 0)
Pali’s morning choir meets everyday at 7 am. We begin our days singing. The A.M. Choir is open to all singers and performs a diverse range of music at various events throughout the year, and can be scheduled for Caroling Performances during the holiday season. Contact Joshua Elson if you are interested.

Women’s Choir (Period 4)
Women’s Choir is an intermediate/advanced group, but no audition is required. Celebrating songs that celebrate the female voice, the Women’s Choir performs at various times and venues throughout the year. This ensemble also performs an annual concert in March celebrating female singers and songwriters.

Concert Choir (Period 6)
Concert Choir is the advanced/audition vocal group on campus. This ensemble puts on monthly concerts which feature the choir, along with many student soloists and small groups, performing original arrangements of an eclectic mix of songs. Singers in concert choir are expected to have a strong voice, a good ear, and a collaborative and creative spirit. The ensemble also goes on an annual spring choir tour. Auditions held in spring (Mar/Apr). Contact Joshua Elson with questions.

Concert Band (spring semester)

After the conclusion of the competitive marching band season, the 6th period instrumental course shifts focus from marching to concert repertoire. The Concert Band performs in one on-campus concert per year. The band also leaves campus to perform in festivals and to maintain strong ties with the local middle school program. The Concert Band plays traditional concert band repertoire appropriate to the proficiency and pedagogical level of the ensemble. The course includes three to four required school-day curricular trips to performance festivals. Enrollment in fall semester Marching Band is required. Students must provide “concert black” to wear at concerts.

Drum Line AB (“Marching Dynamics”)
7th period Drum Line is specifically geared toward students wishing to participate in competitive indoor drum line. In fall, class members will learn percussion rudiments, note reading, pitch identification and proper playing techniques.

Students will learn about the guitar and learn how to play. The course will focus on basic instrument care and maintenance, learning to play the instrument, and reading music, both basic music notation as well as tablature. Students will have opportunity to practice during class time and prepare for in class performances. Through out the year long course we will also look at the History of Rock and Roll and match songs from different time periods in Rock History with certain playing techniques and skills.

Jazz Band
This ensemble is by invitation (contact Mrs. Stoyanovich) and meets 7th period M-F. We focus on standards in many different styles including swing, funk and rock. Students perfect note reading, rhythm and learn jazz riff, improvisation and transposition. We are competing in the SCSBOA Jazz Festival in Santa Barbara this year. We also support PCHS by performing at shows like “Rocky Horror Show” and serve as pep band for basketball games. Prior experience on an instrument is required, but not playing in a jazz band. This ensemble is open to 9-12th graders.

Marching Band – 2014 Southern California Champions!

The Palisades Charter High School Marching Band course is officially titled “Marching Dynamics”. Marching Band members earn P.E. credit for their participation in the field show rehearsals and performances that make up the fall curriculum for the class. There is summer training, and a two-week mandatory band camp at the end of summer to prepare band, drum line and color guard members for the upcoming season. Drum Line members are required to attend additional summer training. The course includes required after-school and weekend rehearsals, weekend curricular trips to competitive events, and weekly performances at Pali football games. The Marching Band supports Pali’s football team and special events throughout the year. Enrollment in spring semester 6th period Concert Band is required.

Pali Philharmonic
Pali Philharmonic is a year-long beginning level course. Students will select one of the orchestral string instruments (violin, viola, cello or bass) and will learn how to play the instrument of their choosing from the beginning level. They will develop the body mechanics necessary to perform successfully on their instrument at the beginning level. It will be assumed that they know nothing about their instrument or music before they begin, however if they do have any prior knowledge, that will certainly assist them. Using the beginning level of music, they will learn to read notes and memorize associated fingerings on the instrument (flash card tests), they will learn how to read, clap and count rhythm, they will learn Italian terms for music (dynamics, tempos, articulation etc.). They will also learn scales, arpeggios and memorize simple melodies such as “Long, Long Ago” and “Perpetual Motion”. They will develop strong left and right hand coordination and good performance posture. In rehearsals, they will first master the beginning method book starting with pizzicato, then moving to use of the bow. This will be followed by the “String Rhythm” (pie book) and regular beginning level string orchestra music with independent parts. They will also complete the first level of Alfred Reed’s “Music Theory Book 1”.

Symphony Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra is an ensemble for the most advanced string, woodwinds, brass and percussion players at PCHS. It is an audition only group, with auditions taking place in the spring prior to the fall academic year. We meet M-F before school at 7 am (zero period). Repertoire for the symphony orchestra includes a Beethoven Symphony each year, and other standard orchestral repertoire. In the past we have performed Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, Saint Saens “Dance Bacchanale” from Samson and Delila, Sibelius’ Finlandia and Respighi’s Pines of Rome. We compete in SCSBOA’s Festival annually. We also have other activities like our recent “Lock-in” filled with rehearsals, social activities (swing dancing/hiking/food/games) over a weekend. We typically perform at the Harvest Festival, Holiday Concert, Festivals and Final Concert. Internal groups (string quartets) are often called upon to perform in our area as well. In 2018-19 we will be taking an international tour to Australia.

For June 2019, the Symphony Orchestra is touring Australia. For financial aid, please click HERE and submit your information for scholarship application.

Wind Ensemble

The PCHS Wind Ensemble meets during zero period (7 AM, daily). The Wind Ensemble performs in two on-campus concerts per year. The Wind Ensemble plays masterworks of the concert band repertoire appropriate to the proficiency and pedagogical level of the ensemble. The course includes three to four required school-day curricular trips to performance festivals. Year-long participation is required. Students must provide “concert black” to wear at concerts.

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