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The Pali Quarterback Club is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation formed under section 501 ©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Organized in 2011, our vision is to support and aid the Palisades Charter High School football program while enriching the educational and athletic experience of the football program’s student athletes. We plan and conduct fundraising activities that support academic and athletic excellence, the teams’ commitment to quality, values-based philosophies and the ideals of pursuing victory with honor.

The State of California does not provide the financial resources necessary for our public school program to thrive on its own. It is a continuing challenge to meet the numerous and escalating needs of our football program to assure our players are safe, competitive, and academically eligible. The Pali Quarterback Club must fundraise to meet the football programs’ total budget, less than 10% of which is funded directly by Palisades High.

The Pali Quarterback Club welcomes and appreciates donations of any amount. Upon request, we will provide a letter acknowledging receipt of your tax deductible donation, including our Federal Tax Identification.

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