The glory of God is the fuel that inflames our purpose for all we do.
We long for New Hope to be a place where new believers and seasoned veterans of the faith come to learn better how to love God with all their heart and soul and mind, and love their neighbors as themselves; where soldiers in Christ’s army can come to worship, receiving the refreshment God willingly pours out on those who live for His glory; where training for the battle is on-going, a launching pad for the spreading of God’s passion to fill the earth with His glory.

As a transformed community of Christ-followers, walking in His authority, our mission is to:
Release the captives* by proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom in word and deed through supernatural power,
Restore the redeemed* to God’s design and destiny by demolishing strongholds and being conformed to His image,
Radiate the heart of Jesus* in a darkened world by living out His life and ministry while boldly advancing His kingdom.

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10330 Carmel Mountain Road,
San Diego, CA, 92129

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