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Founded in 1996 by a group of dedicated physicians, patients, and volunteers, Tower Cancer Research Foundation has developed a legacy of supporting high impact research and clinical trials. This includes research that resulted in the approval of 15 new cancer drugs and the expansion of treatment options for cancer patients all over the world. To carry on this tradition, each year the non-profit awards a multitude of different scientific grants from one-year $100,000 Career Development Grants to five year $500,000 Senior Investigator Grants to $1,000,000 Multi-Disciplinary Discovery Funds.

While the foundation’s primary thrust is funding innovative research in the hope of eradicating the disease for future generations, Tower also provides support for those currently facing a diagnosis through LA CanSurvive, the patient services division of the foundation. The aim of these educational support workshops and mind-body programs is to help survivors and their loved ones develop a physical and emotional tool kit to manage the challenges of the disease. In addition, Tower also awards Community Partner Grants to other non-profits in the Southern California area offering support programs to cancer survivors and their families. By partnering with these organizations, Tower is able to extend their reach and improve the lives of underserved survivors across the country.

All of these programs and grants are made possible by Tower’s extensive fundraising efforts including the highly successful Tower of Hope Gala. In the last decade alone, Tower has raised over $25 million. Much of this success can be attributed to the efforts of Tower’s fundraising groups, the Magnolia Council and Cancer Free Generation (CFG).

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  • childhood cancer survivors
  • low-income patients
  • underserved youth