Promote your fundraiser online and offline

The primary way to get your fundraising supercharged is to purchase physical GiveBack360 membership cards for $1 and sell them for $50 (90% profits). Here are other ways GiveBack360 helps you raise even more money

You can direct people to affiliate with you online - we provide links to automatically affiliate new members to your organization on the GiveBack360 registration page. 

GiveBack360 tracks all purchases by all your members and deposits your portion to your account, automatically! 

Additionally, we also deposit amounts from any merchant offers that you signed up which were posted and affiliated with your fundraiser.  Sign up great offers from really popular merchants and tell everyone about them on your website.  Send out an email, a tweet or post them on Facebook we make it easy with links to post them inside every posted offer!  Everyone who buys the offer helps your school or your cause.  They get the deal, you get the fundraising and merchants get customers!  Now that’s a win-win-win.

And finally, we also help you with renewals year after year.  Members can renew online or we will direct them to you if you make membership cards available year after year.

It was a massive undertaking to develop all this, but now it is automated, online and ready for you!  Soon we will add an “Ideas” tab inside your dashboard.  Here you will find ideas and testimonials on what others have done using the GiveBack360 program.  Ideas you can use to continuously grow the funding for your organization through GiveBack360.

At GiveBack360 we know your success is our success!  That’s what good partnerships are all about.  If you have already signed up, WELCOME! 

If not, sign up and get started!