Promote your business through fundraiser offers

GiveBack360 creates a partnership through an online network that connects you to an unlimited number of schoolsand nonprofits needing your help to raise desperately needed funds.

GiveBack360 allows you to continuously promote your business as a socially responsible company that gives back to its community.  Has your business supported a school or non-profit organization for a fundraiser?  Have you ever thought that an ongoing partnership would be better than a single donation?

When you join GiveBack360 and post an offer, you’re automatically part of a community whose membership has a goal to GiveBack.  You will partner with local schoolsand nonprofits to help them raise funds through your posted “fundraising offers”.  Members become high-value customers because your fundraising offers clearly demonstrate the direct impact your business is making in the local community.

The really cool part is you can control the offers.  Businesses love to support schools and charity groups.  Supporting merchants can post fundraising offers online for FREE.  Only share proceeds from actual additional sales generated by our network and always benefiting your school or charity.  The merchants control the offer, the pricing, the number sold and ultimately, the amount donated to help fundraise.  It’s unique because everything is tracked and controlled automatically. It’s easy, it’s automated, it’s online and everyone benefits!