Merchant Commissions plus a higher purpose

Our standard fundraising offer is designed to credit you 85% of each sale. 

  • 70% paid to you (merchant) plus 15% as your charitable donation.

Calculating your true cost

Compare GiveBack360 to your traditional advertising expenses:

When you use traditional advertising you pay for an ad based on exposure.  Newspapers charge based on readership.  Coupon programs charge based on coupons distributed.  Online services charge based on clicks.  The more tracking they provide the more you pay for the services.  Let’s call it like it is, when it comes to advertising budgets it’s an educated guess to calculate the returns!   Only you can estimate the number of hours, out of pocket costs and other challenges associated with calculating your TRUE bang-for-the-buck return on advertising.

Difference #1 – Only GiveBack360 partners with you on verified revenues from customers who have made a purchase from your ad.  If we don’t bring you customers, you don’t pay a dime!  Sounds a lot like you just hired a new sales representative that only shares in your new advertising success!

Consider your annual giving:

Do you get requests for discount card participation, cash donations, gift certificates, sponsorships and the like?
Add up the true costs of the ways in which you give.  Do you believe the total costs to your business have the direct impact to the charity and community groups that you support?  Is it important to you that funds reach their intended destination?  Would it benefit your business to be recognized for the financial contributions you provide to support local schools and charities?

Difference #2 – Only GiveBack360 partners with you to allow you to control your offers, to keep more of what you earn and to be recognized for what you give to charity.

New advertising models available to merchants:

Have you heard the pitch from Groupon, Living Social, Google and other online advertisers? 

Here are some facts to compare:

  Others GiveBack360 Refular offers GiveBack360 Exclusive Offers
Credited to Merchant 50% 85% 92.5%
Amount to Charity 15% 22.5%+/-
Net Paid to YOU!  50% 70%  70%+/-


GiveBack360 - Revenue Allocaiton - Regular Offers GiveBack360 - Revenue Allocaiton - Exclusive Offers

Difference #3 – Only GiveBack360 partners with you to allow control of your offers, to keep more of what you earn and the flexibility to give more to charity.

Account payments due on all monthly sales are sent out automatically.  GiveBack360 also has ability to pay more often if your business requires.  Any resulting transaction fees would apply to more frequent payments.

We track the cumulative impact of your giving all year long and send you a year-end statement of charitable contributions to nonprofits and schools you supported!

Here are other ways GiveBack360 helps support merchants:

  • People find you online easier due to your affiliation with GiveBack360 - we can provide links on fundraising offers directly to your webpage so customers can learn more about your business. 
  • Your affiliation with schools and nonprofits is clearly shown in every fundraising offer so that the connection between you and the organizations you support grows over time.
  • GiveBack360 tracks all purchases and redemptions by members and deposits your portion to your account in real time, automatically! 
  • Your merchant dashboard tracks offers posted, number sold and numbers redeemed.  The balance on your account is sent out monthly (more often upon request).  We strive to get you funds as quickly and efficiently as possible and will work with you to set up direct deposit for prompt payment. 
  • Post popular fundraising offers and tell everyone about them.  Link to the offers from your website.  Send out an email, a tweet or post it on Facebook - we make it easy with links to post from within every posted offer! 
  • Everyone who buys the offer knows your business is helping to support a school or cause.  They get the deal, nonprofits get the fundraising and you get customers!  Now that’s a win-win-win.

The development of GiveBack360 was a massive undertaking but now it is automated, online and ready for you!  Soon we will add an “Ideas” tab inside your merchant dashboard.  Here you will find ideas and testimonials on what others have done using the GiveBack360 program.  Ideas you can use to continuously grow your business using the tools and capabilities available through GiveBack360.

At GiveBack360 we know your success is our success!  That’s what good partnerships are all about.  If you have already signed up, WELCOME!  If not, sign up and get started, now!