Add local businesses to support your fundraising

The primary way to get your fundraising supercharged is to partner with local businesses who want to support your organization.

Businesses love to support schools and charity groups. Compare our program to any other discount cards printed and sold by schools which normally only include a few businesses with minimal discounts. These other programs are a one-time card sale and the discounts provide no additional value to the fundraisers. In the GiveBack360 program supporting businesses post offers that contain fundraising commitments from every purchase. Think of each GiveBack360 offer as a fundraising campaign.

Compare this to the time and effort of volunteers setting up a pizza night fundraiser. Instead of a limited opportunity to attend on a single night, people can support your fundraiser by purchasing an online offer and using it anytime! How many more people can support you through the purchase of a flexible online offer? How many different types of businesses would like to help you raise funds using GiveBack360?

Merchants benefit from posting fundraising offers for FREE. They only share proceeds from additional sales generated through the network and every purchase benefits your school or charity. The merchants control the offer, the pricing, the number sold and ultimately, the amount given to fundraisers. It’s unique because everything is tracked and controlled automatically. It’s easy, it’s automated, it’s online and everyone wins!