Grow your support community

We make it easy for you to expand your GiveBack360 membership support.

Here’s how easy it can be to grow your support year after year:

  • Purchase physical GiveBack360 membership cards for a dollar and resell them for $10, earning 90% profits. Sell them at school events or community events. Who would refuse to pay $10 when $9 goes directly to support you?
  • Send out a link to your current supporters telling them about deals at GiveBack360 that benefit your school or organization. Anyone can become a member of GiveBack360 (Free 60 day trial) and every purchase will be credited to your fundraising efforts.
  • Anyone can post the deals on social media to promote your fundraiser and every purchase links back to your school or organization to benefit you.
  • When a new members signs up to join online (after the 60 day trial ends) they will be asked to sign up with your school or organization. The annual online membership fee of $50 is automatically shared with you 50/50.
  • All future purchases benefit the school all year long!
  • Renewals may be processed online automatically or through the purchase of a physical card from the school every year.